Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alyssa's Stamping Itch

Alyssa was pretty bored tonight and really wanted to stamp.  She spent the night with one of her bestest friends on Saturday night and I told her it would be appropriate to send her girlfriend a thank you card.  She picked up my Stampin' Up! catalog and started thumbing through it.  She loves the Just Jawing stamp set and loves the sample card that's in the catalog.  So off to the stamping studio we went.  I cut the circles with my new circle cutter and Alyssa did everything else.  Only 11 more years until I can sign her up to be a demonstrator...woo hoo. 
She wanted to keep stamping so I pulled out one of my old make & take kits and she made her own versions of my owl card.  I showed her how to use the blender pen and coloring in the owls kept her busy for a while.

My Weekend

What an awesome weekend I've had.  

Friday night stamping with my sister from different parents Janna.  Saturday morning started out with cleaning out the garage and helping Alyssa with a lemonade stand.

Alyssa was so funny.  Initially when she wanted to do the lemonade stand I told her no because I didn't want her to be disappointed when no one purchased any lemonade from her.  So I suggested that we make up some lemonade and take a glass to our neighbors who were working so hard in their yards.  It was very warm and they were very thankful for the glass of lemonade.  Janna showed up and Alyssa told her about how she really wanted to do a lemonade stand and Janna told Alyssa what a great idea it was. a lemonade stand we set up.  A young man walked up to Alyssa's table and wanted to purchase 2 glasses o lemonade.  Alyssa was about to do cartwheels as she actually had a customer...and he was only suppose to pay $1...but put $10 in her box.  She ended up selling 2 pitchers of lemonade.  She kept yelling out "Lemonade...Sugar Free Lemonade....Made With Fresh Lemons"  I yelled out to her that our lemonade was not made with "Fresh Lemons".  It was definitely a day to remember.
In the late afternoon I made  a trip to Basket Market, and dinner at Outback with my SIL Susan and friend Janna.  Today we went to church and when we got home had some great nap time.  Before dinner I asked my DH Charlie to put up my towel rods for my punch storage I'd gotten from Ikea.  I had been asking for several weeks and Charlie didn't really want to put them up because of the holes that would have to be put in the wall.  He finally gave in today and together we hung five  39 1/2" rods. good it looks.  All of my punches fit with extra room for future punches Stampin' Up! comes out with.  Can't wait to finish the organization of my stamp studio.  Next organizational project...card stock & DSP storage.