Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Mother's Day stamping

I had more guy stampers visit me today to make cards for their Moms. I totally LOVE watching them stamp. I am really shocked...and happy too that these guys think so much of their Mom's that they want to spend a few minutes hand stamping a special Mother's Day card.

Jeff came back for a second round of stamping. He needed a birthday card for his MIL so I brought some stuff and helped him put one together. Then he decided he'd better make one for his wife as he had some making up to do.

We had our weekly staff meeting and one of they guys asked me if we could have a stamping staff meeting. I think that would be a great idea. I think they all have seen how fun and relaxing stamping is.

I have enjoyed sharing with the guys why I love stamping, why I became a demonstrator, and all the great friends I've made because of a little rubber stamp.


Dani said...

I think it is totally awesome that you were able to offer this at your work!! It is also great that they want you do do a "staff meeting" with stamping as well.

Jann said...

Pam~ What a great idea to do this with the guys at work. I had considered doing something at church for the men, but got cold feet. Well, I'm encouraged again to try it thanks to you.