Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mailbox Surprise

It has been such a long week at work this week.  I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday and a week from tonight I will be on my way home to California.  The first quarter of the year is the most hectic for me at the office.  Being in my new office definitely making it a little easier to deal with the stress.  A lot of the people I need to interface with are in my building so it makes my job a little bit easier. I worked late tonight trying to finish up two very LARGE projects and Charlie took care of getting Alyssa picked up and to gymnastics.  I pulled up to the house and decided to check the mailbox.  Normally if Charlie gets home before me he gets the mail...but for some reason tonight that was not the case.  I opened the door to the box and at the back of the mailbox was an envelope....a had made card envelope.  I was so excited because someone took the time to make and send me a card.  So I RIPPED it open and was so excited.  Caitlyn Calhoun sent me this beautiful card.

It made my evening....Thank You Caitlyn!!!!!

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