Sunday, March 8, 2009

Funny Sea World Story

We had so much fun at Stamp Club yesterday.  It's so enjoyable for me to get to hang out with my stamp club members, visiting, sharing, and stamping.  

My dear friend and new downline Kelly Cheatle shared the funniest story that her Grandma told.  I thought I would share it with you so here goes...

This lady took her young son who has Down Syndrome to Sea World.  A mother's worst nightmare happened to this Mom...she lost her son at Sea World.  For two hours they looked for him. They did find him and he was dirty and smelled terrible so she decided to take him back to the hotel and have him take a bath and get  cleaned up.  The Mom went to check on her son and he had locked the door.  The mother asked him to unlock the door and let her in, but he refused telling her he was having too much fun.  She could hear him laughing and splashing the water.  After a few minute of trying to get him to open the door she contacted the hotel manager and the hotel maintenance department sent someone to come open the bathroom door.  When the door swag open the little boy was in the bathtub playing with a real live BABY PENGUIN.  I can only imagine what this Mom was thinking at this point.  She called Sea World and told them that they were missing a baby penguin.  The assured her they were not missing any penguins.  She finally told them...go count your penguins.  They did and guess what?????  THEY WERE SHORT A PENGUIN.  

The little boy must have somehow gotten into the penguin exhibit and loved the penguins so much he wanted one for himself.  No wonder he was so dirty and smelled so bad.  I was curious how the little boy hid the penguin and keep it still on the way back to the hotel....hehe.

I have never laughed so hard as I did when Kelly shared this story with my entire stamp club and wanted to give you a good belly laugh too.

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Sassy Stamp Chick said...

Thanks for sharing such a funny, sweet story.

Looking forward to seeing you at convention.