Saturday, April 4, 2009

My New Grandpuppy - LUCKY

While I was away over Spring Break in California my son Mike & his girlfriend Miranda rescued a dog from the Moore animal shelter.  Her name is Lucky and she got that name because she's so lucky that they rescued her.  My grandpuppy came to visit me this afternoon.  Lucky is has a black shinny coat and a white chest.  She's really really pretty and very good natured.  She and my Boston Terrier Cookie hit it off.  But Cookie wanted to make sure Lucky knew she was the queen and Lucky was the princess.  Of course Lucky is way way bigger than Cookie, but Lucky respected Cookie's standing in our home.  They chased each other all over the living room.  Mike and Miranda also brought Lucky's big throw pillow over and Cookie very quickly took possession of it despite the fact that it wasn't hers.  I am just blown away by how good and CALM Lucky is.  I have really enjoyed her visit today and I hope she comes to visit Grandma Pam again soon.

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Becky said...

She is so pretty! I can't wait to meet her!