Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow or No Snow????

I feel so bad because I canceled stamp club yesterday.   I had everything ready to go, but the weather men kept saying 100% snow and not just a dusting, but 4-8 inches.  So I decided it would be in everyone's best interest cancel and reschedule for next Saturday.  Well, the weathermen really missed the mark yet again.  We got a dusting....a stinkin' dusting.  So we canceled for nothing.  But...if I'd of not canceled we would have gotten 10 inches of snow.  Go figure...hehe

I had a second stamping event scheduled for Saturday afternoon at a retirement center in Edmond, OK.  Because the only person who would be traveling was me I told the director that I'd make the decision around noon on Saturday if I was coming or not.  Beings as our wonderful weathermen missed the forecast by a long shot up to Edmond I headed.  My friend Janna went with me and my SIL Susie & her friend Kara met me there.  We we only suppose to have 4 stampers, but when I walked into the room there sat 5 ladies & 1 gentleman so excited about stamping.  We got started and in wondered 5 more stampers.  We had a total of 11 stampers and they had so much fun.  It was so rewarding to share my love of stamping and a little bit of my time with some amazing people.  A couple of the stampers had suffered strokes so they were limited on how much they could do.  They were able to stamp, but punching and putting the cards together was where we had to help out.  They were all so pleased with what they had made and promised me that they would mail the cards they made and I promised them I'd come stamp again next month.  We had a husband & wife stamp with us...they have been married 64 years and were each 88 years old.  They were so cute together.  I just can't wait to go stamp again with my new senior friends.

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