Monday, June 29, 2009

New Catalog Poll - BLOG CANDY!!!

For those of you who have received your new Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog I'm sure you've gone through it with a fine tooth comb and found lots of sets an products that you love and can't wait to get.  So here's my poll....

Which set is your mot FAVORITE new stamp set?

Which stamp set is the UGLIEST new stamp set?

Just post a comment to this post between now and July 10th and I will draw for a winner who will receive some cool NEW stuff from the catalog.

If you've not received your catalog yet, PLEASE call or email me and I'll get one right to you.

Thanks...and Happy Stamping!!!



Diane S. said...

I think the Animal Stories set on page 88 is the ugliest new set. That poor swayback giraffe makes me cringe and the owl is just a blob. A close second on ugliest is the JSA Cornelli Lace on page 64 though it's not a set. Maybe if I saw it on a card or something I might change my mind. There are several new sets that I think are really nice. I'd have to say that my favorite set today is Greenhouse Garden on page 94. I'm a sucker for the flower sets and end up buying most of them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!

Caitlin said...

I think that the ugliest set is Teddy & Train on page 77. Its just so... old looking and not in a good way. The Animal Stories set also bothers me. The animals look like angry stampede animals.

I love the Lots of Bots set on page 82. I make lots of boy cards. If I hadn't seen several cute sneak peek cards with the set I would have had no idea what to do with it though.

Ginny said...

Hi Pam! I just found your blog today while surfing around. I would love to be entered into your giveaway but i'm not sure if it's international or not (i'm in Canada). There's so much to love in this catalog lol. I love For All You Do but i'll probably change my mind once I hit send lol. The ugliest set would be the one with the spider (from the crypt). I hate spiders! Thanks and keep up the great work =)