Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Demo Blunder

I've often wondered what the worst possible blunder I could make as a demonstrator and tonight I think I figured it out.

It started off this morning when I broke a nail. I texted my wonderful nail lady and she told me to come by after work and she'd fix my nail. You see, normally I'd of just blown it off, but we are going to Dallas this weekend for the OU vs TX game...Boomer Sooner!!!! and I couldn't go with a broken nail. So I decided to leave work a few minutes early to try and beat the traffic. Well, I think every moron on this earth was traveling south on I44. They were driving like they had no where to go and all day to get there. Ok...I made it to the salon by 5pm. I knew I'd be cutting is close to get to my Academy class that started at 7pm but I was really prepared this time and had everything ready to go (at least I thought I did). I got home at 5:45 and knew I'd have to leave by 6pm so I could set up and be ready to greet my students. Oh ya, I need to stop by Walgreens to pick up some cotton balls because we are doing polished stone. I loaded my Expedition up and off I went. Stoped at Walgreens...even had time to swing through Starbucks. Got to McFarlin and got everything set up. I was so excited because I felt I did a great job picking cards that my students would LOVE to make. Then it hit me...


What on earth am I going to do. Ok...don't panic. You brought extra card stock...OH NO!!! I FORGOT MY PAPER TRIMMER AT THE HOUSE TOO!!!! my Amazing Husband Charlie. I was praying he was at home already, but he wasn't. "Please leave the store now and go home get my bag with the make & take kits in them and bring them down to me...pleaseeeeeee". And being the amazing husband he is he left the store drove home, got my bag, and drove them down to McFarlin. How lucky am I to have such a loving and supportive husband.

I think my students were pleased with the cards we made and felt it was worth the 30 minute wait until the make & take kits arrived.

Note to self.....Make sure I have my make & take kits before I leave my house....hehe. I got home, happy a a clam that all turned out well tonight despite the worst blunder a demo could make and I realized I didn't have a birthday card made up for my boss who's birthday is tomorrow. He loves getting my hand stamped cards. I make them for everyone in my department and pass the card around for my co-workers to sign. I was pretty tired and thought...I have to have a card I could use to give him...looked through all the cards I had and I wasn't pleased. to the stamp room to make a card, but try not to take 2 hours to come up with it and make it. Thank goodness for DSP. I pulled out some of my favorite masculine DSP from last year and quick wipped this card up. I sure hope he likes it.

It's midnight and I must get to bed. Take care & happy stamping!!!!


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cstony134 said...

I love your blog. My sister, Joy Bendrick, sent me the link to it and I want to follow it. Where do I subscribe you're blog.
Cinda Stonecipher