Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tomorrow is Bosses Day....

Today my boss came to me and asked me to make a card for his boss. He asked me if I could make it bigger than a standard card...and I told him of course I can make one and yes I can make one bigger than a standard card. So....I thought and thought and thought....what set to use, what does Tim (my bosses boss) like....what colors should I use...ARG....I showed my boss Sense of Time and then I flipped a few more pages and landed on Lovely As A Tree...that was the set he wanted me to use. Of couse I LOVE this set. It was the very first Stampin' Up! set I purchased. The oak tree was what he wanted me to use. So I got home from my evening at gymnastics with Alyssa and dinner with my family and started. It all came together so smoothly. Thank goodness cause I was soooooo stinkin' worried. I have something I came up CASEing. Finally....a spark of creativity.

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