Friday, May 8, 2009

The Many Hair Colors of Michael

Today was Mike's High School Graduation Robing Ceremony.  His Grandma Julie and I went to rob him.  Julie & I showed up at 12:30 just like Mike asked us to and he was no where to be found.  He was suppose to go get his hair trimmed, change clothes, and meet us at Southeast.  I started texting him asking where in the world he was.  He was seriously stressed and told me that his hair was jacked up.  He went to a local hair school...that I will not mention the name of....and decided to get his hair colored too.  What the world was he thinking...hours before his Robing Ceremony and the day before his Senior Prom.  I bad could it be?...he's probably just overreacting.  Well, in he walks and OH NO!!!!!!  His hair was a redish orange.  I couldn't help but did his Grandmother.  He was so stressed out and worried that everyone was going to laugh and make fun of him.  He was a nervous wreck.  He said he didn't even want to do the robing.  I told him that he made the bad choice to try something totally different with is hair and  that he WAS going to rob and he would have to deal with whatever came of the poor choice.  As we sat and waited for his turn to go up on stage and have Julie place his cap on his head and me put his rob on him, I started texting everyone I could think of to try to get him in this afternoon to FIX the flaming red hair he was now sporting.  Shelley, Angela, Becky...Shelley (my hair stylist) texted me back and said one of the girls in her salon could give it a shot.  Becky also texted me that one of the stylist at the salon she goes to could try to fix it too.  Off to Shelley's salon he went.  When he walked through the door tonight I was relieved that he no longer had flaming red hair.  Although it's not what his natural hair color is it's a DEFINATE improvement over the redish orange hair color. 

Here's the pictures before the color, after the student color, and after the professional FIX color.  Oh ya...and he also had himself spray tanned so he has a bit of an orange glow to his skin now.  Hope it fades a little before tomorrow.

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