Tuesday, March 17, 2009

California - Day 4

Another bright sunny day here in sunny California...did I mention it's warm and SUNNY here?  Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but I was having connectivity issues with the wireless network I'm hacked into.  The skies were clear enough to see the snowcapped mountains.  It takes about an hour to get up into the Sierra Nevada's...around 5000 feet.  We use to go there all the time to camp and have fun in the great outdoors. 
Yesterday was a pretty uneventful.  We went to Al's Cafe for breakfast.  Al's is one of my top 5 favorite places to eat.  I had homemade tamales with beans & rice.  Mexican food here is California is so much different than Mexican food in Oklahoma.  It's truly more authentic.  And did I mention how yummy it is??  

 Dad took me by the Grizzlies baseball field that is new since I was here last time.  The Grizzlies are the AAA baseball team that is the farm team for the San Francisco Giant.  It reminds me a lot of Bricktown Ballpark.  They were working on the field and the guy at the gate said they were getting ready for opening night in April.

I got to do some IT support for Aunt Patty.  Her printer had died and wanted to get a new one, but needed help getting it set up.  We went and picked up a printer at the "W" store (don't tell ) and headed home to hook it all up.  I got it all out of the box and guess what??  No USB cable to hook it to the computer or black ink cartridge.  No wonder it was so inexpensive.  We headed back to the "W" store and I got a USB cable and a black ink cartridge.  While it was installing I sat and watched Celebrity Apprentice with Aunt Patty& Alyssa.  I am not a huge reality show kinda person, but I have been watching the Celebrity Apprentice since the first night.  I only with Donald would have fired both Dennis & Tom...they both deserved it.

Mom got home from work and we took a quick trip to the scrapbook store.  My second trip there.  Mom really enjoyed walking around and looking at all of the "STUFF".  It's a very nice store.  We came home and Mom whipped up a quick and yummy dinner.  Then off we went again...Mom & I headed to JoAnn's.  Mom's been wanting to make one of those fleece tie together blankets so I got the stuff to make my niece Rikki a Tinkerbell blanket.  I also found these cool straps to use in our post bound scrapbooks that makes adding more pages MUCH MUCH easier.  When we got home, I fixed all of Mom's albums and we watched Dancing with the Stars.  Alyssa begged me to make the blanket so I gave in and we got started.  Mom couldn't believe how easy they were to make.  We had fun...us three girls...sitting on the floor making a blanket.  

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