Thursday, March 19, 2009


We arrived in Los Angeles at 5pm...can you say RUSH HOUR??  We made it to Disneyland in 4 hours.  The girls were so excited and very very good on the drive down.  We got checked into the Disneyland Hotel.  We headed to Downtown Disney to eat at the Rainforest Cafe.  We got right in because we were willing to eat on the balcony.  After we ate, we decided to do some shopping and Kolbi has never experienced Build A Bear so in we went.  Kolbi found a golden retriever...could be a yellow lab like hers at home and Alyssa picked a cute bunny rabbit.  They stuffed their animals and then cleaned them extra fur off of them.  At the Disney Build A Bear they have exclusive Disney outfits for the bears.  Both of the girls wanted Tinker Bell outfits, but they were all sold out.  So...Kolbi got a Belle outfit and Alyssa got a Snow White outfit.  After we finished at Build A Bear we headed back to the hotel, but decided to stop at the trading pin store.  The girls each got a lanyard and 4 pins they wanted.  The lady that checked us out explained how to trade pins.  So we purchased a box for each of the girls with 4 pins that they can trade with the Disney employees.  They can't wait to start trading.  We decided we needed to get back to our room as the fireworks would start at 9:30pm and our room looks out over the park.  the girls ewwww'd and awwwww'd at all of the beautiful fireworks.  They can't wait until tomorrow when we actually go into Disneyland.

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