Monday, March 16, 2009

California - Day 3

Did I mention I'm in VERY sunny California...temperatures in the 70's...and SUN shinning????

Yesterday morning I decided to go to church.  I couldn't decide i I wanted to go to Fresno Church of Christ or Clovis Church of Christ.  I headed down Clovis Ave thinking I'll go to Fresno CofC, but apparently Gettysburg Ave doesn't intersect Clovis Ave so I continued north and decided I was going to go to Clovis CofC.  

I pulled into the parking lot it looked like a very nice church.  Grounds perfectly kept, relatively new building.  So I parked and walked in.  Everyone was dressed in their Sunday bests and of course all I had were some jeans and a t-shirt as I'd packed very lightly for the trip home.  So I sat down in a pew a couple rows from the back.  I sat there for a few minutes feeling like I was being "checked out".  Then I was welcome by a gentleman, then another then another then another.  I explained to each of them that I was visiting my family and that I lived in Oklahoma City and was a member at Oakcrest Church of Christ.  The one thing I found to be interesting is that not one woman said good morning to me.  Only men...about a dozen of them.
 The service was very nice and the pastor, Scott Young gave an AWESOME message about bearing fruit.  That it takes more effort to produce nothing than to produce something.   By the way, he was one of the dozen or so who welcomed me before the service began.  Come to find out, he spent some time in Claremore, OK as a CofC minister.  Most of their service was just like ours at Oakcrest.  The praise & worship was all done from the hymnal.  No new praise & worship songs.  BUT...I knew 3 of the 6 songs...woo hoo.    The church had a capacity of about 300 people and it was pretty full.  I'm glad I decided to go...good message, good people, and I got my spiritual tank filled. 

My sister came into town and we all went to Red Robin for dinner.  Then we decided to take in a movie.  My two nieces had not seen the Jonas Brother's 3D concert and my sister had NO desire to see it.  So Brianna, Kolbi, Alyssa & I went to the JoBro show and my Mom, Sister, Lantz, & Rikki went to see the Witch Mountain Movie.  I had so much fun with the girls.  And of course the JoBros were amazing.


Becky said...

I am so proud of you for going to church. I have to admit to you, that in all the Sundays we've been visiting different towns, I have not once gone to church. I've always been too uncomfortable. Thanks for showing me that it can be done!

Kelly said...

I'm so proud of you and even more so that you did it on your own. I think you did a big thing and definitely shined for God!! Love you PRBert!!