Friday, March 13, 2009

First Day at Home in CA

We've had such a nice day here in Fresno today. It's been over three years since I was last home to visit. When I was here last was when my Grandfather Eldon's health was quickly deteriorating and God came and took Poppi home to his eternal life in heaven. I've thought about the last time I was home a lot today. It's very weird not seeing Poppi when I go over to Aunt Patty's house. I sat is his old recliner today. It felt so good to sit there. I could almost feel him there with me. Aunt Patty had mentioned a while back that she was thinking about getting rid of that old chair and getting a new one. I told her she can't get rid of's Poppi's chair.

After breakfast that I talked about in my previous post Dad brought me home so I could take care of a work conference call that I needed to participate in. I finished up the call and we decided Alyssa needed a bike to ride up and down the driveway on Minnewawa street. So Dad, Alyssa & I headed to Target to get an inexpensive bike that she can ride while we are here. Of course we found one and it was time to head back to the house so she could start riding up and down that same driveway just like I did when I was her age. Before we headed back though I was seriously craving a Sonic Coke. Unlike OKC where there's a Sonic every mile, there's only 3 in Fresno and there was one just down the street from the Target we were at so Dad drove us through the drive through for a Coke..hmmmm it tasted so good. On the way home I asked Dad to drive me by the old house where Michelle & I grew up. Not much had changed on Thomas Street.

When we got home Dad took care of getting Alyssa's seat to the right height and off she went down the same driveway that I'd rode many a day when I was here age. In fact it was in that same driveway that I decided to ride barefooted one day while my Mom & Dad were out of town, foot slipped off the pedal and sliced the bottom of my foot open. Aunt Patty had to take me to the Children's Hospital ER to have my foot sewn back together. It was a very difficult lesson I learned as a child...WEAR YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU RIDE YOUR BIKE.

After Alyssa rode for a while she came and and spent some time in the kitchen with her Mimi who was preparing a dinner for the ENTIRE family. My sister Michelle and her four kiddos are coming into town for dinner tonight. I can't wait to see them.

How about that beautiful yellow lab. Her name is Katie and she's my Dad's buddy. She's a sweet and loving dog and she's wild about my Dad. I'm hoping to get to play with her in the next few days.

I'd better go for now. Mom thinks I have way too much time on my hands to sit and do this blogging thing...hehe...

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mistymadisonjo said...

Okay Pammers, I am tearing up. It makes me miss my home in Iowa and remembering all of the great things that are there that aren't here in OKC. ENJOY yourself and love on your family.