Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 2 in California

Another beautiful day in sunny Fresno, CA.  My day started out with a visit to the Fresno County Sportsman's Club.My parents are members of this club and really enjoy it.  The Sportsman's club was having a "swap meet" and pancake breakfast.  I was thinking some fun antique kinda things...nope...guns, rifles, bows, and fishing gear.  I've never seen so many outdoors MEN in my life.  My Mom and her dear friend Jean had a booth and they were trying to appeal to the ladies that were following their husbands around.  Mom is a Mary Kay lady and I was so impressed with her selling abilities.  She and Jean were really having a good time.  Dad shopped a little and we decided to skip the pancake breakfast and go someplace else to get a bite to eat.  Dad suggested we go to Al's Cafe which is on my list of favs in Fresno to eat at.  So off we went.  I thought the way Dad was going was kinda the wrong way and of course expressed my concern.  He gave me that look that only my Dad can give so I shut up and just rode along.  As we headed up Olive Avenue I realized that were were almost to the Chicken Pie shop...again one of my favs in Fresno to eat at.  Then to my excitement DAD PULLED INTO THE CHICKEN PIE SHOP!!!  I was beyond excited. 
 Of course I took my camera into the restaurant so i could take some pictures to share with all of you.  Let me give you some background about this restaurant.

The Chicken Pie shop has been around like FOREVER.  In fact, my Mom went into labor with me in the front corner booth.   It's no wonder I LOVE this place so much.  They make the very very very best chicken pot pies that I've ever eaten.  The place has really never changed in my 42 years of life.  Of course I order not one...but TWO chicken pies.  My chicken pies were as good as they've always been.  My Dad always tells people that I'm his daughter from Oklahoma..and today was no exception.  Our waitress told me her brother and sister-in-law lived in Oklahoma..Moore, OK.  What a small world.  

After my amazing lunch we came back to Mom & Dad's name and I borrowed my parents truck and took a drive to the local scrapbook store.  It was very nice with lots of fun things that I'd not seen at home.  

When I left the scrapbook store I decided to take a detour and swing by my Alma Mater, CL McLane High School.  It pretty much looked the same as it did 25 years ago  I decided to drive into the school as I had done so many times while I was a student, cheerleader, soccer player, and softball player.  I pulled over and got out of the truck.  The snack bar where I always got breakfast & lunch was still there...exactly as it was when I was a student.  The big quad had changed a little.  Lots of trees had been planted in the grassy areas where we use to sit at lunch and hang out with our friends.  I walked over to the gymnasium and they've added a Home of the Highlander sign to the front of the gym.  We use to practice cheer all summer long early in the mornings in front of the gym.  As I stood there taking pictures it felt so awesome.  I wanted so bad to do a cheer or two...hehe.  
 I was walking back to the truck I heard the crack of a ball hitting a bat and decided to follow the sound.  The boys were playing baseball.  At first I thought they'd moved the varsity field, then I heard an announcer calling the game & realized this was the JV team.  I drove around and headed to the old varsity field.  NOTHING had changed to include the Varsity baseball coach...Jim Scirimarco.  I stood there and watched these young men play baseball for an inning and decided it was time to head back home.  Wouldn't wand Mom & Dad to worry that I'd gotten lost.

We had dinner at my Sister's house and had a really good time hanging out with the Adams Family.  Alyssa spent the night with her cousins last night and was going to stay tonight too, but told me she missed her Mommy and wanted to come back to Mimi's.  So she, Kolbi, & Lantz came back to Mom & Dads.  She and Kolbi are only a few months apart in age and you' d think the girls saw each other all of the time.  

Well, enough yapping for tonight.  I've got to get to sleep so I can get up and go to church in the morning.

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Stampin' with Adrian said...

Memory Lane -- isn't it wonderful ? Been there myself a time or two....I'm enjoying your trip down Memory Lane too - thanks for sharing !
Enjoy your family time and give me a call when you get home. Tell Michelle I said hello !