Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunny California

I arrived in beautiful and WARM California late last night. Our flights couldn't have been any better. Alyssa & I slept so good, but my darn internal alarm clock decided it needed to wake me at 6am....8am OKC time. So up I was. I enjoyed visiting with Mom & Dad. Alyssa & I went over and visited with Aunt Patty too. We decided to fore go cold cereal and off to the Train Depot we went. Dad had to stop and get some diesel fuel for his truck and to my surprise Dad does pay at the pump....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!?! I am so proud of him. He showed me how to use his computer (like I wouldn't know how...hehe) and he also showed me how he's really learned how to use the Internet to find just about anything he's looking for. Did I mention how very proud I am of my dad. He has spent his whole life turning wrenches and now that he's retired he's learned to use a computer and the Internet. Way to go Dad.

So...on to breakfast. We arrived at the Train Depot and Dad & I both had ham & cheese omelets. We are so stinkin' much alike it's scary. Alyssa had chocolate chip pancakes. Aunt Patty went to eat with us too. After we ate we ran to Costco. I love Costco. It's kinda like Sam's Club, but NOT at all associated with the Bentonville Walmart empire.
Here's a picture of me and my Dad and Alyssa & Aunt Patty.


Becky said...

I'm so glad you guys got there safely...but I already miss you! Keep us updated on how the trip is going!

Kelly said...

I'm so proud of you for blogging already!! Woohoo!! Have a great trip!!